We often do not realize that engineering, physics, mechanics and math are part of our everyday lives.

e² Young Engineers enrichment programs help children to become better problem-solvers. We demonstrate the different approaches to resolving an issue. We encourage our young engineers to make the optimal choice in any given situation. This method provides the students with the confidence and independence to face any situation, as our students have the ability to think of all the possible solutions.

Each of our e² Young Engineers enrichment programs teach students the vital engineering skills. Children learn through play, and therefore we created a fun way for children to gain important knowledge. Through our learning technique our young engineers can easily understand complex mathematics and scientific principles.

Machines today are mostly computer generated and therefore more and more we are in need of software engineers. Our robotics and software engineering programs introduce our students to the world of coding. Children learn complex theories by building intricate LEGO® bricks models. Please read about each of our programs to learn more…

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