It has been statistically proven that students participating in e² Young Engineers enrichment programs achieve higher grades in scientific subjects taught in school.

After extensive testing by the Center for Cooperative Advancement, statistics show that students participating in e² Young Engineers enrichment programs, achieve higher grades in all science subjects taught in school. Our programs have proven to increase student’s concentration and creativity. During our years of operation, we have witnessed a rapid growth and global expansion.

Young Engineers LEGO® bricks enrichment programs are based on our exclusive edutainment model. This progressive method of educating gives children the best tools to learn both theoretical and practical concepts. It helps students overcome many limitations that exist in tradition classroom settings while encouraging independent thinking.   

 We have also found that those students joining our e² Young Engineers programs at an elementary school level achieve the mathematic knowledge required to flourish when facing the more complex science curricula of middle school and high school.

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