Welcome to a world of opportunities

It’s a world where everything is rapidly changing.
A world where greater information is accessible to anyone. A world where if you don’t change constantly, you stay behind and our slogan does speak of tomorrow.

YE is the only education engineering company for students with an R&D team. We don’t just educate, we are also being educated every single day.

In a world where knowledge and information are growing exponentially and are easily accessible, students need to build capacity and skills in order to gather the correct tools to process pieces of information, to analyze and execute a plan, and going after their goal. This ability will serve them along their lives, will enable them to adapt easily and quickly to the fast changes of our changing world, and thus, will guarantee their personal prosperity as well as their nations social development and economic growth.

In short, Young Engineers programs assist the students of today to recognize opportunities wherever they are, ones that come with every technological phase.

Ask not what the country
can do for your students,
ask what you can do for your country

At Young Engineers we acknowledge the importance of teachers and their role to our students’ success. We plan to nurture the teacher’s ability to lead home grown solutions within the community.

The Young Engineers Project nurtures inspiration among community members, children and parents, and develops the opportunities to become a new generation of horizontal leadership.

How does it work?
Our aim is to lay the foundations for continuous growth and to provide employment for a new set of technology workers, who will enhance the level of innovation and expertise in their country.

This will help to increase GDP, the use of information and communication technology (ICT) workers, who will also be a significant participant in the global economy. By combining education and entertainment, our student’s motivation will be increased and provides them with the desire to study engineering in their future.

The YE education
To support this goal, Young Engineers Global Learning has conducted research and provided recommendations on how to conduct our programs in your country. Our research comes from visiting private and public primary schools, and consulting educational leaderships whom comply with the educational strategic plan.

Both parties are engaged in discussions regarding how to proceed, and to conduct the project with setting the KPI (Key Performance Indicators). We give tools that provide you with the knowledge to provide a high-quality learning system over the next few years.

The ECE effect
Education, Competitiveness, Economy

Educational systems provide children with the tools they need to develop and nurture their abilities. Education isn’t standard meaning that children have the ability to learn in a variety of ways.

At Young Engineers we believe the most effective way is to learn is by making the education fun and exciting. Our programs are hands on and combines both the educational side as well as the entertainment.

The Spiral Learning method
The spiral learning method enables new principles to be taught as the students absorb the previous principle. This means that the new principle builds on the previous one, and spirals providing comprehensive engineering inter-disciplinary understanding.

The PBL method
Enhances independent learning skills which aims to assist students and adults.

The PBL method develops the students learning skills, these skills enable them to address life challenges they may face along their life journey.

e² Young Engineers believes that a holistic educational approach is made to engage and develop ideas and bring them to life.

Young Engineers is keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology. Information is readily available at a click of a button, and therefore we learn how to filter out the information that is relevant. As the use of technology is becoming increasingly important, we want to provide our students with the tools needed to succeed in the 21st century. Robots and computer services are required more than ever, and therefore our programs are based on gaining those required skills. Students are given all the means to develop their creativity, critical thinking, research abilities and far more…

What’s the role of the economy?

Research shows that competition is based on education, and when one country advances their level of education it has a domino effect on the world. Can you imagine what your child can achieve by studying engineering? We see a bright future for these children, and advancing our economy with their new skills.

Edutainment today
for a better tomorrow

What is edutainment and its purpose? It’s the combination of education and entertainment. Our programs encourage the student to develop their ideas, as-well as creativity and innovation. Young Engineers provides the students with the self-confidence, capacity and the ability to believe in their dreams.

We open up their mind to be creative, explore further and ask their questions. Our programs provide our Young Engineers with the thirst for more knowledge. The students are given the tools to build tomorrow today!